Tips on House Wall Painting

By Jason A Smail | General

Sep 01

Do you feel the atmosphere of your home boring? Do you want to change it by changing the paint color of the wall? Do you feel a little complicated if you paint yourself? You can get Painters Brisbane services by visiting our website. However, if you want a little exercise and expression with the home color, you can do it yourself to save money. Here are some tips you can use:

1. Clean the Wall

Make sure the surface of the wall you want to paint clean from dust. Clean the dirt and dirt on the wall area. Dirt on this wall is very obligatory to remove. Dust, dirt, and oil stains will make the paint finishes not smooth and evenly distributed. Clean with water mixed with a mildly formulated detergent and a cellulose sponge. Rub the sponge against the wall until clean, then rinse with water to remove soap residue.

2. Protect Parts That Do Not Want to Paint with Tape

Barriers between walls and floors, windows and window frames should normally be covered to avoid paint stains. Protect parts of the house that do not want to be covered with paint using an adhesive tape or duct tape when painting.

3. Cover the Cracks on the Wall

Use a putty wall to close the crack or crack on the wall, then smooth it using the sandpaper. Also apply a paint primer, a type of liquid applied before painting to obtain a flat and shiny finish.

4. Use a Small Brush on the Narrow Section

Roller-painting tools cannot be applied to any part of the wall, only in a large area. As for the difficult areas such as the corner of the room, use a two-inch wide brush.

5. Use the ZigZag Movement Technique

The trick of painting flat is to make the zig-zag movement from top to bottom repeatedly until the wall is covered flat. After 2-3 hours of new layer back with paint to more smooth results. Roller can be used to flatten wall surface color.

6. Repeat Again If Needed

If the paint result is not perfect, repeat once again and make sure the second process works well. When the splashes of paint fall to the floor, immediately clean with a damp cloth.

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