Tips on Playing Grand Theft Auto

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Jul 21

Playing Grand Theft Auto V may be endless. Just like the previous series, namely GTA: San Andreas. If the players have already completed the ‘mission’ that exists, the GTA V players live to explore the map and the various secrets contained therein. Different from previous versions, in GTA V there are three characters that can be played in turn. They are Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. Although not exactly gangs, they are the number one villain syndicate in the game. To get the review of this game, then it can be a good idea to come to

Since there are three characters played, GTA V games certainly have many hidden secrets that may not have been widely known by many people. Especially if the secret is about the code. Here are 5 secret things in GTA V that Hubbers may not know.

Earn Unlimited Money

The presence of money in GTA V games is vital. Although how to get it is quite easy, sometimes just kill the pedestrians or complete certain tasks, but the amount of money owned always feels lacking. Typically, money is used to buy and modify vehicles, buy weapons until fun to change looks and entertain themselves. If the amount of money owned always feels lacking, GTA V has a hidden secret to get its players to earn unlimited money.

Fixed the vehicle quickly

When driving on GTA V, sometimes players feel annoyed if the vehicle owned suddenly accidentally hit or even hit something. Views of the vehicle become no longer smooth. Players were forced to immediately find the nearest workshop to make the vehicle look like new.

It also takes time. If you’re not carrying out a mission, players can actually improve the look of the vehicle like new without having to go to the garage. Players just replace the character being played with other characters who are idle. Then immediately change again to the player who was driving. Then, like the magic, the vehicle that had been hit by scratch here and there, became like new again.

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