Tricks for New Domains to be Fast on Index

By Jason A Smail | Technology

Sep 17

If you have bought a new domain from poor hosting, you should read our post this time about the tricks to speed up the index of a new domain. Otherwise, if you want your website in the first page of search engine like Google, you can contact seo nyc. This trick is our goal for those of you who might have difficulty after buying a domain but not yet indexed by search engines or search engines. Here are the tricks you must do so that the search engine quickly indexes the new domain. The first action to speed up the search engine index is to send your new domain URL to the search engine manually. You can directly send your web URL to Google and Bing manually. The second trick you have to do to speed up the search engine index is to register your new domain with webmaster tools like Google Search Console and Webmaster Bing. Send the sitemap XML site there, so the search engine will quickly find out about your new domain. this will also be faster to increase the index of the new domain.


Every time you publish a recent post the best step to speed up the search engine index is to share posts using social media. because this method is very effective and can improve your web ranking. Social media is one way to speed up the search engine index. Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus are social medians that we can’t just stay to improve search results. If you use the WordPress platform you can use the sitemap generator plugin service that will make your site fast in the search engine index. The Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin is one plugin that will generate a friendly sitemap. Please install this plugin to get a good and friendly sitemap. You may have often heard that Content is king. Search engines will provide value if they get more content with large keywords from your site. using relevant and interrelated internal linking will make it easier for spider bots to crawl all content. Take advantage of your posts as a way to speed up the search engine index and the role of internal linking is one of the most important things to improve site ranking.

The robots.txt file is one of the references of search engines to speed up the search engine index. Using robots.txt is a must for your new web. Make sure you don’t limit a lot of spider bots by using the Disallow attribute. If it is very important you can instruct Allow as an attribute to allow spider bots to crawl the contents of the site.

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