Types of Machine Maintenance That Are Commonly Done in Factory Industries

By Jason A Smail | General

Jan 30

Maintenance is a function in a manufacturing industry that is as important as other functions such as production. This is because if we have a machine/equipment, we usually always try to be able to use machinery/equipment so that production activities can run smoothly. Maintenance in a factory can be done by a maintenance team from the factory, or hiring maintenance services is one of them from grupo gemlsa. Please note that Grupo Gemlsa provides experienced maintenance staff, especially for companies that have boiler technology. Boilers are steam generating devices for the next production process that must be treated to prevent damage.

In maintenance activities, there are several forms of maintenance, including:

– Preventive maintenance
This treatment aims to prevent damage or the way of treatment planned for prevention. The scope of preventive work includes inspection, minor repairs, lubrication, and adjustments so that equipment or machines during operation are protected from damage.

– Emergency care
This treatment is a repair that must be done immediately because of congestion or unexpected damage. Normally production activities will be temporarily stopped so that no more damage occurs or result in worker casualties.

– Care after work occurs
This treatment is carried out after making damage to the equipment and to repair it must be prepared parts, materials, tools, and labor.

– Predictive care
This predictive treatment is carried out to determine the occurrence of changes or abnormalities in the physical and functional conditions of the equipment system. Usually, predictive care is done with the help of the senses or sophisticated monitoring devices.

– Corrective care
This treatment is carried out to improve and improve the condition of facilities/equipment so that they reach acceptable standards. In repairs, improvements can be made in such a way, such as making changes or modifications to the design for better equipment.

– Care goes on
This treatment is carried out when the facility or equipment is working. Running care is applied to equipment that must operate continuously in serving the production process.

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