What Are The Negative Effects Of Using A Watch Too Fast?

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Oct 24

Watches are one of the important and mandatory accessories for a man’s appearance. Apart from functioning as a timepiece, watches are often a fashion statement for several groups. The level of your social life can be seen only by looking at the helpful hints what brands you use. Solid activity, it could require you to look cool and attractive at all times. Maybe even be able to work late into the night. Without realizing it, watch accessories that continue to stick to your wrists make you painful and cause scars. This is one indication that your watch is wearing too tightly. Using the watch for a long time is not a problem, as long as the size of the strap fits snugly on the wrist. At least from our analysis, several things cause some men to wear their watches too tightly. When buying at a store, it is helpful to know your wrist size. Don’t just buy it. If the strap is too long, ask to cut the strap to the wrist size. The fuss is when you buy a watch online. Of course, you will have to go to the watch repair shop to adjust it.

An unhealthy lifestyle and a lack of awareness to maintain body weight, causes fat deposits in the body to become more and more erratic. Not only clothes, some of your accessories, including watches, are too tight to wear. This is one very classic cause. Lazy to repair a watch to adjust the strap of the watch. You forced the watch too much to use. So in the end, you torture yourself for being too sick to use. In every human wrist, there are 2 types of blood vessels, namely arteries and veins. These two blood vessels are vital for the body. If blood flow is obstructed due to the use of your watch that is too tight, of course, it will interfere with blood circulation. One sign if your watch is too tight is your palms often tingling. This happens due to the not smooth circulation of blood vessels. Not only that, but wrist pain can also occur due to the watch being too tight.

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