What Happens When A Single Body Has Two Different DNAs?

By Jason A Smail | Health

Feb 13

Simply put, DNA is a long structure containing a unique genetic code that builds who you really are – including basic physical characteristics and qualities that cannot be changed – and that distinguishes you from others. DNA also holds instructions for the development or reproduction of every cell and tissue of a living being, managing your life, and ultimately death. In the meantime, you may also need to check out the best extracción de ADN equipment for your lab.

The phenomenon of two different sets of DNA structures in one body of living things is called chimerism. This term is taken from the word “Chimera”, a monster in Greek mythology with a female lion, goat, and snake in one body.

In the real world, chimerism generally only occurs in animals. Maybe you have found a photo of a cat or dog that has two different colors of fur on its body, also its eye color is different – like the example below.

What are the causes of chimerism in humans?

The body of a chimera consists of cells from different people. So, certain cells have a DNA structure belonging to one person and the other cells contain DNA from another person. According to Melissa Parisi, a pediatrician at U.S. National Institutes of Health, chimerism can occur due to several causes.

Some people get bonus DNA from twins who fail birth or die in the womb. When a mother contains fraternal twins (not identical), one embryo may die early in pregnancy. The other embryo can absorb cells and chromosomes from the deceased throughout the pregnancy. Remember that each zygote (prospective embryo) carries its own unique DNA sequence.

So, the baby who managed to survive finally was born to have two sets of DNA – his and the twins. This is what happened to an American singer, Taylor Muhl, who recently learned that she was a chimera. In the Muhl case, it has two different DNA structures because it absorbs its twin during the womb first (vanishing twin syndrome).

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