When To Wax Your Bowstring

By Jason A Smail | General

Mar 13

Archery is a fun hobby and sport. With many health benefits that you could get, it’s no wonder that this sport is very popular. You could also practice archery anytime all year, no matter what the season for it is suitable for indoor or outdoor practice. Other than that, the equipment needed in this sport is not much and pretty simple. All you need is a bow, arrows and a target. However many archers neglect their duty to maintain the equipment. The compound bow and arrow might not need maintenance as regularly as the strings. Compound bow strings are often snapping because mishandling and not getting the care they needed. A bowstring snap could cause damage not only for the bow but also your body. That is why you need to apply wax to your bow string to avoid any injuries.
Many archers often questioning whether they really need to wax their string or not but wax is really important so you should do it. Waxing your string will prolong your string because the wax will help the strand bundled together and reduce the possibility of fraying. Fraying happens because of the friction you cause when you draw an arrow. The wax will coat the strands and fiber so it won’t create unnecessary friction that could damage them when you draw the string. There are many people that simply don’t know how often they should wax their strings because one could be a little too much while other is too rarely. You don’t have to wax the string after every use because too much wax actually could be the place of dirt and sand buildup that will damage the strings. You need to apply the wax after you use the bow every couple sessions. But remember to clean your compound bow string before applying wax to reduce the dirt.

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