You need to know these facts about cosplayers

By Jason A Smail | Lifestyle

Dec 01

One of the advantages of cosplayers is that it’s very easy to get along with friends who are hobbies, especially those who are projects. Even cosplayers from outside the city can get to know from the same hobby. Now, the cosplayers who hold gatherings are not just gathering or not clear, but to expand their association and network. Meanwhile, if you like cosplay events, just check out the news about American Go workshop at Youmacon anime convention in Detroit.

Like Elsa or Anna from Frozen? You can also be a cosplayer

Many think that cosplay is only limited to Japanese anime characters, even though you don’t know. Maybe because there are a lot of anime lovers in the country, so every time there are more cosplay events that use costumes from Japanese anime characters.

The fact is, Batman, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Star Wars, even princesses from Disney animated films like Cinderella, Snow White, Frozen, are cosplay anyway. Cosplay = costume play, not only anime costume play!

Cosplay is a hobby that makes money

Toppers, in fact, this hobby is not just wearing costumes and playing, you know. But it can also make a lot of money. Yes, this Cosplay business can be various, from winning every race, or holding a Cosplay parade to fill the excitement of an event, such as a parade at Mall or PRJ, and so on. You can even become a model and open a costume manufacturing service. Yes, whatever it is, this hobby is not only fun but also makes money! Cool, right.

Well, that was some unique facts about Cosplay. Well, for those of you who want cosplay, you don’t need to dye your hair with hair dye. Enough to use a Cosplay Wig that you can buy online at a trusted store, where you can find a lot of cosplay items.

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